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[The Green Protest of 2009]
[pir chinasi]

The PML-N Wins 18

Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. It is primarily located between India and Afghanistan, although it shares a desert border with Iran and a mountainous border with China. As a former British colony, one would expect its government style to be based on the Westminster model.…

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[sri paada]
The Friday Mosque in Herat, Afghanistan

Abdullah Abdullah is Set to Win

That the 2009 Presidential election in Afghanistan was controversial is an understatement. It pitted President Hamid Karzai against Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah. According to official results, Karzai received 49.67% of the vote to Abdullah’s 30.59%. The scheduled run-off election never happened because Abdullah withdrew his candidacy. Karzai won. Five years…

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New Delhi

The Largest Democracy

India is a federal, parliamentary, constitutional republic. While the Chief of State is the President, the office holds little real power. The power in the government is in the hands of the 545 members of the Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament). What does this election portend for the next…

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