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The ABCs of Lesotho

The Kingdom of Lesotho is an enclave, entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. This geography has fundamentally influenced Lesotho and its foreign and domestic politics. As with most African countries, its post-independence history is filled with military governments, elections, coups d'état, and juntas. Throughout it all, Lesotho kept…

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The Uganda Show

The most-recent Ugandan presidential election was held on February 18, 2016. This marks the second Ugandan election we have examined (see: first and first revisited). As we recall, the 2011 election had several clouds over it, including the fact that the government quickly took down the election results. Is the…

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Moving Forward

The Republic of South Africa is the most Western — in terms of culture — of the sub-Saharan countries. Best known for apartheid (1948–1981), South Africa had its first free and fair elections in 1994 when it elected Nelson Mandela over F. W. de Klerk and almost filled the National…

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Monoxylon Beach on Lake Malawi.

Maybe there is Hope

The Republic of Malawi is a former part of British Central Africa. It acquired independence from the United Kingdom in 1964. One of the independence leaders, Hastings Banda, became the first president of Malawi, serving from 1964 until 1994. During his tenure, Malawi was a shining example of how a…

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