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Flag of Maldives
Election: President
September 7, 2013
These were called on account of the coup replacing the first democratically elected president of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed.

However, according to Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan, the constitution forces the elections to be in July 2013.

Kenya, Day One

[Flag of Kenya]The Republic of Kenya is a member of the East African Community. As such, it tends to be more prosperous and more stable than the average African state. Unfortunately, this does not mean that Kenya is stable and democratic. The 2007 general elections saw a spate of pre-election violence and extensive post-election violence, resulting in the 2007-08 Kenyan crisis. Kenya is going to the polls today for the next general election.

Will there be a repeat of the violence?

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Berlusconi Loses in Italy

[Flag of Italy]Once again, Italians headed to the polls to elect a parliament. The House of Representatives has 630 deputies are elected through party-list proportional representation from each of Italy's 20 regions. Since the founding of the Second Republic in 1994, old political parties vanished, to be replaced by politicians. Millionaire Silvio Berlusconi became Prime Minister based on the coalition he formed around himself. Since 1994, political parties tend to form and reform to reflect the dominant politicians available.

How did that work for Italy in this election?

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Anastasiades Wins in Cyprus

[Flag of Cyprus]In a usual presidential election in the Republic of Cyprus, the island's division plays an important role. In 1974, a military coup d'état against the popularly-elected president brought to power a military junta seeking to unite Cyprus with Greece. Turkey invaded to protect the Turks on Cyprus. When the smoke had lifted, the United Nations manned the Green Line separating Turkish and Greek Cyprus. Unifying the country has been a goal of both parts since then.

And yet, unification took a back seat in this election.

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The Democratic Labour Party Wins

[Flag of Barbados]Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles. Its has a Westminster Parliamentary system, wherein the Chief of State is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, represented by Governor-General Elliott Belgrave. The Head of Government is the Prime Minister, who leads the majority party in the House of Assembly, the lower house of parliament in Barbados. The Democratic Labour Party held 20 of the 30 seats before this election. The global economic downturn has hit the tourism industry in this small island.

Did the Democratic Labour Party hold its majority?

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Elections Called in Egypt

[Flag of Egypt]The Arab Spring was not easy on Egypt. Egyptians left the structure of an autocrat for the freedom of freedom. On November 28, 2011, Egypt held its parliamentary election. On June 24, 2012, Egypt elected Mohammed Morsi president (article: The Quality of Mursi). At the time, Morsi seemed to be a compromise candidate between the Islamicist Muslim Brotherhood and the secular and liberal factions in Egypt.

What spurred the protests?

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