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FOX News Made its Decision

[Flag of the United States]The 2016 US Presidential election is still 15 months away. The first debate amongst the Republican candidates will take place on August 6. To keep the size of the debate manageable, FOX News decided to limit it to the top ten candidates. In a previous article, Fox and Republicans, we made a quick prediction on who would be there.

How did we do?

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Bashir Wins

[Flag of Sudan]Omar al-Bashir became president of Sudan in 1989 through a coup d'état. Since then, he won the elections of 1996, 2000, and 2010. As discussed in Bashir and Sudan, the 2015 elections were held between April 13 and 16.

Did Bashir win these elections?

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Bashir and Sudan

[Flag of Sudan]The Republic of the Sudan is a one-party dominant State. According to the constitution, the Sudanese Presidency has a five-year term, with no restrictions on re-elections. President Omar al-Bashir became the seventh president of Sudan in 1989. Today, he stands for his fourth election.

What are his chances of winning?

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The Next Haitian Election

[Flag of Haiti]Haiti has never had a stable government. Immediately after its 1804 independence, Dessalines took the title of Emperor for Life, and died in 1806. This pattern continued through the Presidency of "Baby Doc" Duvallier, which ended in 1986. Father Aristide became Haiti's first democratically-elected president. He was overthrown in 1991.

With that said, elections and presidencies in Haiti have become more stable and democratic. Postponing the 2015 election raised eyebrows, but surprised few. Now, the government has specified the new election dates.

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Abdullah Abdullah is Set to Win

[Flag of Afghanistan]That the 2009 Presidential election in Afghanistan was controversial is an understatement. It pitted President Hamid Karzai against Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah. According to official results, Karzai received 49.67% of the vote to Abdullah’s 30.59%. The scheduled run-off election never happened because Abdullah withdrew his candidacy. Karzai won.

Five years later, what has changed?

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