Center for Electoral Forensics
[Ted Cruz]

Hard Data

We published this article on The Conversation. Shortly thereafter, Newsweek picked it up. The authors: Mark Payton, Oklahoma State University and Ole J. Forsberg, Oklahoma State University And so, Super Tuesday as well as Saturday’s caucuses and primaries are behind us. If the rest of the primary season holds to…

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[white house]

Jonathan Lost

The Federal Republic of Nigeria held its latest quadrennial presidential election. Most polls showed the challenger, Muhammadu Buhari, ahead of incumbent Goodluck Jonathan. None of the polls, however, were believable in terms of sampling method, age, and weighting. But, broken clocks and poor polls can be right once in a…

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[Central Yerevan]

Paruyr Hayrikyan Shot

Located in the Caucasus mountains, Armenia is at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. In many ways, this defines Armenia. It is at the crossroads of democracy and autocracy. It is at the crossroads of Christianity and Islam. It is at the crossroads of the past and the future. On…

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