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It is Trump

[Flag of the United States]And then there was one. After starting the presidential election cycle with seventeen major candidates, the Republican party has narrowed that list to just one: Donald Trump.

If the goal is to retake the presidency, is Trump the best decision?

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Haiti 2010 and USAID

[Flag of Haiti]The Republic of Haiti has experienced much instability and poverty throughout its 211 years of independence. From multiple coups to unstable empires to invasions to corrupt presidents for life, Haiti has had little opportunity for economic and political growth. The 2010 presidential election looked to be a turning point for Haiti. Polls were held. The popular Michel Martelly was elected. Hope prevailed.

Yet, how fair were the 2010 elections?

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Bashir Wins

[Flag of Sudan]Omar al-Bashir became president of Sudan in 1989 through a coup d'état. Since then, he won the elections of 1996, 2000, and 2010. As discussed in Bashir and Sudan, the 2015 elections were held between April 13 and 16.

Did Bashir win these elections?

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Jonathan Lost

[Flag of Nigeria]The Federal Republic of Nigeria held its latest quadrennial presidential election. Most polls showed the challenger, Muhammadu Buhari, ahead of incumbent Goodluck Jonathan. None of the polls, however, were believable in terms of sampling method, age, and weighting. But, broken clocks and poor polls can be right once in a while. Buhari won and Jonathan willingly stepped down. This is the biggest step a State can make on its way to full democracy.

What can we learn about the election?

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The Next Haitian Election

[Flag of Haiti]Haiti has never had a stable government. Immediately after its 1804 independence, Dessalines took the title of Emperor for Life, and died in 1806. This pattern continued through the Presidency of "Baby Doc" Duvallier, which ended in 1986. Father Aristide became Haiti's first democratically-elected president. He was overthrown in 1991.

With that said, elections and presidencies in Haiti have become more stable and democratic. Postponing the 2015 election raised eyebrows, but surprised few. Now, the government has specified the new election dates.

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