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The Americas are the continental lands of the Western hemisphere. The Americas cover over a quarter of the Earth’s land area and contain more than an eighth of the human population (about 900 million people). There are 35 States in the Americas, 23 in North America and 12 in South America ranging from the United States (310,000 people) to Saint Kitts and Nevis (43,000); from Brazil (most-populous Lusophone country) to Mexico (most populous Hispanophone country); and from Canada (northernmost in the Americas) to Chile (southernmost in the Americas).

The E-Mail Bump

[Flag of the United States]The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has ended its investigation in to the use of a private server by Hillary Clinton. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has declined to bring charges against her.

How much has this helped the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump?

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It is Trump

[Flag of the United States]And then there was one. After starting the presidential election cycle with seventeen major candidates, the Republican party has narrowed that list to just one: Donald Trump.

If the goal is to retake the presidency, is Trump the best decision?

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Hard Data

We published this article on The Conversation. Shortly thereafter, Newsweek picked it up. The authors: Mark Payton, Oklahoma State University and Ole J. Forsberg, Oklahoma State University

[Flag of the United States]And so, Super Tuesday as well as Saturday’s caucuses and primaries are behind us. If the rest of the primary season holds to this trend, it appears the battle for the presidency will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Each leads in both state wins and delegate counts. Clinton has won 12 of 19 contests, garnering 1,121 of the 2,383 needed delegates. Trump has also won 12 of 19 states and 382 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.

A common argument made by candidates is that they – and not their opponents – are electable. Examples of this rhetoric can be seen in both political parties. Bernie Sanders, expecting a Trump victory on the Republican side, has stated that Hillary Clinton cannot defeat Trump in the general election. On the Republican side, Marco Rubio has clearly stated the he is the “best chance” to beat Hillary Clinton.

However, how valid are these claims of exclusive electability?

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FOX News Made its Decision

[Flag of the United States]The 2016 US Presidential election is still 15 months away. The first debate amongst the Republican candidates will take place on August 6. To keep the size of the debate manageable, FOX News decided to limit it to the top ten candidates. In a previous article, Fox and Republicans, we made a quick prediction on who would be there.

How did we do?

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Fox and Republicans

[Flag of the United States]On November 8, 2016, the American people will go to the polls to elect a successor to Democratic President Barack Obama. That date is more than 15 months from now. However, the US presidential election is making headlines already. The first Republican debate will be held on August 6.

Who will be in it?

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