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It is Trump

[Flag of the United States]And then there was one. After starting the presidential election cycle with seventeen major candidates, the Republican party has narrowed that list to just one: Donald Trump.

If the goal is to retake the presidency, is Trump the best decision?

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Bashir and Sudan

[Flag of Sudan]The Republic of the Sudan is a one-party dominant State. According to the constitution, the Sudanese Presidency has a five-year term, with no restrictions on re-elections. President Omar al-Bashir became the seventh president of Sudan in 1989. Today, he stands for his fourth election.

What are his chances of winning?

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Goodluck on Saturday, Jonathan!

[Flag of Nigeria]The Federal Republic of Nigeria has seen its share of political instability since its 1960 independence. It has seen a civil war in the south and a strong terrorist insurgency in the north. It has seen military coups d'état. Through it all, Nigeria has moved, in fits and starts, towards democracy. Saturday marks another step in that journey.

What are the predictions for the upcoming presidential elections?

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Mutharika Wins in Malawi

[Flag of Malawi]Malawi, the former Nyasaland, just held its fifth presidential election since its 1964 independence. It was the first election in which there were more than just two major candidates.

How did the election turn out?

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Sisi Wins in a Landslide

[Flag of Egypt]Egypt's trek from Mubarek's overthrow to a stable nation has been long and arduous. The celebrations in Tahrir Square seem far too distant. The jubilation of the prospect of a genuine democracy seems a dream from last night. In the days since the protests against President Hosni Mubarek began, Egyptians have experienced at least two coups d'état, three constitutional referenda, and two presidential elections.

Is Sisi's election what Egypt needs?

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