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Goodluck on Saturday, Jonathan!

[Flag of Nigeria]The Federal Republic of Nigeria has seen its share of political instability since its 1960 independence. It has seen a civil war in the south and a strong terrorist insurgency in the north. It has seen military coups d'état. Through it all, Nigeria has moved, in fits and starts, towards democracy. Saturday marks another step in that journey.

What are the predictions for the upcoming presidential elections?

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The Next Haitian Election

[Flag of Haiti]Haiti has never had a stable government. Immediately after its 1804 independence, Dessalines took the title of Emperor for Life, and died in 1806. This pattern continued through the Presidency of "Baby Doc" Duvallier, which ended in 1986. Father Aristide became Haiti's first democratically-elected president. He was overthrown in 1991.

With that said, elections and presidencies in Haiti have become more stable and democratic. Postponing the 2015 election raised eyebrows, but surprised few. Now, the government has specified the new election dates.

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The Largest Democracy

[Flag of India]India is a federal, parliamentary, constitutional republic. While the Chief of State is the President, the office holds little real power. The power in the government is in the hands of the 545 members of the Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament).

What does this election portend for the next five years in India?

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Anastasiades Wins in Cyprus

[Flag of Cyprus]In a usual presidential election in the Republic of Cyprus, the island's division plays an important role. In 1974, a military coup d'état against the popularly-elected president brought to power a military junta seeking to unite Cyprus with Greece. Turkey invaded to protect the Turks on Cyprus. When the smoke had lifted, the United Nations manned the Green Line separating Turkish and Greek Cyprus. Unifying the country has been a goal of both parts since then.

And yet, unification took a back seat in this election.

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A Grenadian Sweep

[Flag of Grenada]The Caribbean island nation of Grenada one of the Windward Islands, sits at the southern end of the Lesser Antilles. It received independence from the United Kingdom in 1974 and was invaded by the United States in 1983. Since then, it has achieved full democracy, if not a strong economy. An island nation, the global economic recession hit Grenada hard.

How did this affect the election?

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